Advice to the Attendees

In the third edition of the Saudi Colors Forum this year a collection of most important specialists in tourism photography industry will gather, in addition to professional and amateur enthusiasts in the industry.  Also there will be series of lectures and workshops presented by experts and local and international specialists. They will explore the possibilities and capabilities of tourism imaging industry and its importance in the sector. SCTA will endeavor to communicate with as many people interested in tourism photography industry.  

To maximize the interest of visitors, a number of points are summarized below, which can be to benefit from the visit.

Before the Forum

  • Use online services to connect with exhibitors and get as much information.
  • Plan early to attend and participate in the Forum.
  • Take advantage of special offers on accommodation and tours provided by partners during your stay in Riyadh.
  • Explore the most important educational programs and workshops that enrich visitor's learning.
  • Specify times and places before the visit and follow Forum’s news and opportunities to communicate with professionals during the show.

During the exhibition

  • Start your day with lectures and workshops carried out by a group of most important participants in the exhibition, including universities, public and private bodies and committees specialized in tourism photography industry.
  • Check out the floor plan of the exhibition and know exhibitors’ sites.
  • Get a copy of the Forum’s programs which is distributed through the registration center.
  • Connect with interested professional bodies specializing in the field of tourism photography in the Kingdom.

Post show

  • Send us your feedback to help make next year's Forum a better experience for you.
  • Follow up with suppliers and stay in touch with us and with the Forum’s team.
  • Use the Exhibitor Guide to identify and communicate with participated entities to promote continuity and communication with specialists.