Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award

​​Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award is one of the most important awards instituted for photographers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. The award carries great value and plays an important role in the estimation of the efforts of Saudi citizens and highlight and honor their talent and creativity in the field of photography, production and publication of books and literature on photography.

The award stems from the role of photography in documenting and highlighting the unique natural ingredients in the Kingdom, and its culture and heritage. Importance is attached to the talent development and encouragement of citizens to serve the nation, especially with the great popularity of photography and short films production, as a profession or a hobby.

The award has gained great fame and importance because of its name, that relates to Prince Sultan bin Salman, who is a tremendous force behind encouraging and stimulating SCTA's attention towards imaging and photography in highlighting Kingdom’s tourism potential.

The award also seeks the contribution of various entities and individuals in the nomination of the winners

"The Competition is over"

Award’s aim

Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award aims to honor the efforts of photographers who serve the Kingdom through various areas of imaging, which contributes to stimulating greater innovation and creativity.

Award value

In addition to the moral value of the award, which is granted in appreciation of the efforts that have served the nation through photography, the winners will receive financial reward presented by His Royal Highness the Patron of the Award.
The value of the award for this year has been raised to reach 200,000 Saudi riyals distributed between different themes.

Award themes

First theme: Photography pioneers of the Kingdom

This theme is intended for individuals who have rendered valuable services to the nation through their work in the field of photography.

Second theme: Government and private entities

This theme is dedicated to government and private entities that have provided fruitful services to the nation through their work and projects related to photography and films.

Third theme: Publications and literature

This theme is dedicated for publications of books, literature and other materials and products in the field of photography that helped in the service of the nation.
Fourth theme: Photography for the tourism purposes

This theme is dedicated to the work of photography and films that contributed to the definition of tourism of Saudi Arabia, its components and cultural heritage and various aspects of life in the Kingdom.


  • Nomination is open to all individual and entities that are entitled to win the award in any of the themes.
  • Candidates do not have the right to nominate themselves nor participate in the nomination directly.
  • The nomination for the award is through a prescribed form along with all the requirements.
  • An official letter from the entity or individual explaining its desire to nominate a candidate should be attached to the nomination.
  • Supplementary documents (of which the minimum is determined by the nomination) should be attached to the nomination form.

Terms and conditions

  1. Persons or entities wishing for nomination should be of Saudi citizenship.
  2. Nominated person or his work should not have won any previous awards, and that the nomination has neither won in the previous sessions of the Prince Sultan bin Salman photography Award.
  3. Arbitration of nominations and selection of winners will be done by a specialized committee, and then raised to the patron of the award for confirmation.
  4. Selection of the winners is final. Objections for any reason whatsoever will not be accepted.
  5. All nomination files are retained by the Commission and will not be returned to the candidates. Hence, it is advisable not to provide the original assets of the work, provided the original is demanded for verification and then it will be returned to the candidate.
  6. Nominations received after the deadline will not be considered.
  7. Committee can withhold the prize money for any of the award axes due to lack/ weakness of the submitted nominations, or failure to comply with the terms of the nomination.
  8. Award Committee can redistribute the value of the prize in a way what is suitable, or increase the number of winners in one of the axes.
  9. Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) and the Organizing Committee of Saudi Colors Forum has the right to use the names and photographs of the winners in what is related to the award and the Forum and in other acts of the Commission.

Award Committee

  • A committee of specialists concerned with photography and the award axes, selected by the Commission will evaluates the submitted nominations.
  • The Committee has the right to use any other persons or entities to assess the submitted nominations.
  • The Committee will raise all arbitrations to the patron of the Award for selection modification or rejection.
For nomination, please fill in the nomination form​ and send it along with the required documents and supporting material to:

Secretary of Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award
Saudi commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA)
Email: PSN