The Exhibition

A Color of Saudi Arabia Forum serves as a valuable opportunity to gain access to the Saudi market and connect with the target audience. The exhibition will have specialized sections that will help the participant’s easy access to targets.

This year’s exhibition is distinguished by expanded spaces up to 11,400 m2 with 30% increase over the last year. The Color of Saudi Forum space in 2013 was hosted on 6863 m2 with the participation of 50 participants ranging from government agencies, private companies, individuals, associations and photography clubs.

This year’s exhibition is distinguished by greater diversity and several participations that include a number of different subjects. This year the exhibition will include live workshops over 6 days where a selection of artists and professional photographers from different disciplines will deliver lectures.  This will be followed by discussion sessions and field training courses. Embassies will also participate this year with a large selection of photos of different patterns, including nature, heritage and antiquates. Also, there will be a special section to view tourism movies, the producers of which will race to win the awards after being judged by a private awarding committee.

Exhibition booths:
  • Historical photo booth
  • Prince Sultan bin Salman, President of Saudi Commission of Tourism and Antiquities booth.
  • General Commission of Tourism and Antiquities booth.
  • Short films booth.
  • Embassies booth.
  • King Abdul-Aziz foundation booth.
  • Winning photos booth.
  • Special booths for workshop.
  • Saudi Wildlife Authority (gold sponsor)
  • Saudi Post Association (social responsibility partner)
  • Saudi Electricity Company (strategic partner)

  • Governmental entities.
  • High commission for the development of Riyadh.
  • King Abdul-Aziz public library.
  • Tourism development council in Tabuk.
  • Tourism development council in Al Ahsa.
  • Tourism development council in Qassim.
  • Tourism development council in Al Jouf.
  • Tourism development council in Hail.
  • Dar Al Uloom University.
  • Princess Noura University.

Private Companies:
  • Al Qurashi- Canon.
  • Lavish Production Company.
  • B.B.C paints Company.
  • Details Company for media production.
  • Fuji Film Company.
  • Samsung.
  • Desert Publisher Company.
  • 24 Frame Group.
  • On Tato Institution.
  • My Picture Company.
  • Direction Production.
  • Sony.
  • Frame Studio.
  • Photography Clubs and Associations.
  • Middle East Club.
  • Friends of Light.
  • Light Drawers.
  • Asia Event.
  • Birds and Wildlife Photographers in the Kingdom.
  • Full Frame.
  • Heritage Association.
  • Umlj College.
  • Aaks Group.
  • Asir club.
  • Click 1.
  • Life of Light.
  • Al Qassim Okos.
  • Najran Photographers.
  • Happy Flights Organizer.

  • Photographer Muhammad bin Sultan.
  • Photographer Khaled Al Sudairi.
  • Photographer Hamad Abdullah.
  • Photographer Mutaz Al Khairat.
  • Photographer Taraf + Futon.
  • Artist Nidaa Alabdulwahed.
  • Photographer Ibrahim Badhdh.
  • Photographer Suliman Al Shwaier.
  • Photographer Nasser Al Harbi.
  • Photographer Khaled Saad.
  • Photographer Maha Al Rushaim.
  • Photographer Abdulrahman Al Shaye.
  • Photographer Abdulmohsn Al Saieh.
  • Artist Rawan Mansoor.
  • Photographer Najla Abdullatif.
  • Photographer Sari Al Shrari.
  • Photographer Muath Al Yahya.

Free booths:
  • Itam foundation.
  • Nazah foundation.
  • Post cards foundation.
  • Great flights