SCTA is keen on utilizing various potentials and capabilities to ensure that awards of Colors of Saudi Forum are on par with the level of expectations and goals that have been set. With this aim, a group of specialists are asked to assist and partake in the awards panel. Furthermore, a group of jurists comprising of academics and specialists from the private and public sectors have been diligently selected. The arbitration process of evaluating entries can be viewed on the forum’s website, as well as the details of arbitration standards.


Members of the Jury Panel

Name: Abdullah Al Dubaikhi
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

He holds a diploma in Photography from the New York Institute of Photography.  He has been involved in arbitration of more than 40 competitions, nationally and internationally and received a number of awards and accolades in photography and he has held numerous courses and workshops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf, Egypt, Europe and the United States of America. He is a member of the Advisory Committee for Photography at the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts. He is also a member of Photography Society of America (PSA) in Switzerland, America and the Netherlands, Royal Photographic Society (RPS) UK, and member of the International Association of Photographers (IAP).

Name: Mohammed Saleh Al Shabeeb
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A professional photographer specialized in architectural, commercial, portrait photography, as well as editorials; He has received numerous international awards from New York, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and China, in addition, he has received both the local and Arab awards. He has also taken part in more than 13 national and international exhibitions.


 Name: Saleh Husain Al Dughrairi
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  

He is a member of the FIAP, member of PSA and has been nominated for AFIAP.  He has received 52 international awards and arbitrated numerous national competitions.  He has been a prolific writer on photography in numerous newspapers, magazines and photography journals.

Name: Taghreed Wazneh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  

Supervisor of the Photography Committee at the Arabian Society for Arts and Culture, Jeddah, he has arbitrated numerous national and international competitions.  Currently he is the Director of Photography Committee at the Built Heritage Friends Group in Jeddah. He is also a photography consultant on international photography competition at the Built Heritage Preservation Society.

Name: Isa Ibrahim  
Kingdom of Bahrain

Isa Ibrahim was born in 1979; he is a press photographer for the Bahraini newspaper Al-Wasat. He has received 473 international awards to date, as well as numerous titles, most essential the EFIAP/s from the FIAP, as well as PPSA from the Photography Society of America, and UPI CR4 from the International Photographers Association. Isa has also received 16 Middle East awards as well as 13 national awards.

Name: Guo Jing
People’s Republic of China

Professional photographer with more than 300 awards and he has taken part in arbitrating numerous international photography competitions.



Name: Dhafer Al Shihri
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  

Dhafer is the recipient of 48 international awards in photography, such as the National Geographic Competition PX3, and also received 9 national awards, such as the First Place in the Ministry of Information 2011 Competition. He was awarded the title of AFIAP. He has judged several national and international competitions.

Name: Abdulaziz Mushekhes
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  

A professional photographer who has held several administrative posts within the photography matrix in Saudi Arabia, he is a member of PSA and a member of FIAP

Name: Naser Al Rabee’ey
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  

A professional photographer; he has been titled, Crown1 and Crown2 consecutively from UPI. He is the first Saudi photographer to hold this title. Naser has received 36 international awards over a span of 7 years.


Name: Mohammed Al Marzoogi  
 United Arab Emirates   

A member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Union of Photographers and member of the International Photography Association (IPA), and Photographic Society of America (PSA). Founder and Director of Emirates Association of Imaging, from 2004-2006.  He has judged several competitions in the United Arab Emirates.  An expert in tourism marketing and photography and he has won several photography competitions. He has held many private exhibitions, in addition to participating in group exhibitions inside and outside the UAE.

Name: Aymen Al Jammaz  
Received a number of international awards, most
essentially, winning the First Place and the FIAP Gold Medal in Aal Thani 2010 Competition, as well as awards from IPA in New York and PX3 in Paris.  He has been a judge in some of the national competitions and took part in numerous national and international exhibitions. His work has been published in a number of international publications, such as ‘Important World Artists’, and ‘World Photography Experts’.

Name: Martin C. Grahame-Dunn   
United Kingdom

Photographer, instructor, trainer and International Photography Advisor; He has 36 years of experience specializing in commercial, advertising, editorial, wedding photography and portrait photography. He has presided over a number of photography associations in Britain, such as The Master Photographers Association, and Federation of European Professional Photographers.  He has headed the jury committees of several exclusive international competitions and has participated in the development of curricula for many photography educational institutions across the globe.  He has received many honours for his efforts in photography, like the Warren Motts International Service Award among others.