Short Film Competition
Jury Members of the Short Film Competition
Name: Fahd Saud Al Yahya     
Fahd is a well-known Drama critic.  He has written a number of newspaper-articles on cinema and theatre art.  He has also authored a number of local theatre plays. He holds several memberships in cinema, theatre and drama, such as, ‘Cairo Cinema Club’, ‘British Films Club’, and ‘Cairo Photography Club’. He has participated in the establishment and management of ‘Cinema Corner’ in the Saudi Students Club in Cairo, as well as holds the membership of Advisory Committee for Cinema and Video at Saudi Culture and Arts Society.  He has participated in several workshops on film making, scripting and film direction.  He has worked as a member of the arbitration committees for a number of specialized film festivals.  His book on cinematic art titled, “How to make films”, is widely read.

Name: Fahd Hamad Al Esta
He is an editor and writer on cinematic art in a number of media outlets, such as Arab Journal, “Mujalla”, and Arts Magazine. He has provided scripts for a number of serials and programs that are aired on satellite channels and YouTube, such as Comedo on MBC, and, animated series, Masageel. He has also conducted a number of specialized seminars on cinematic art at the Arts Club and the Saudi Arts and Culture Society in Riyadh. Fahad has directed a documentary film of 44 minutes length, entitled A Dilemma on the Seventh Floor - It is all about friendship, film making and a passion for cinema. In 2013, at the Second Gulf Film Festival in Kuwait, he was nominated from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for his efforts and his leading role in the cinematic arts. He has also participated in the ‘Saudi Eyes’ program, as a critic for Saudi films alongside the jury panel.

​  ​ Name: Mohammed Hamed Al Mutairi
Film maker and short films director, he has studied at Lights film school in New York.  He has held many training courses in the field of film making and cinematography for a wide audience.
Mohammed has produced a number of technical and commercial projects. He is a member of Friends of America Society of Cinematographers and founder of the first Arabic channel for Cinematography and Filmmaking. He is working as the Filmmakers Supervisor at ‘Aali Club’ in the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia.  He is also a certified trainer from IABP, and has taken part in the arbitration of several competitions. Most recently he has managed the Manarat Al Ata, a Short Film Festival.
​​ Name: Abdullah Naser Al-Ayyaf
Abdullah is a writer specialized in cinema and direction.  He is also a film director, producer and professional script writer. He is the founder and General Manager of “Inspire Works Production”. He has directed a number of short films such as, Cinema 500 km, Etar, Rain, Aayesh, and Six Blind Eyes. Abdullah has been the recipient of numerous national and international honors and awards such as, Best Short Film Award from the Gulf 2010 Film Festival for Aayesh; Silver Alph Award for Best Middle Eastern Film at the Beirut 2010 International Film Festival for (Aayesh). He has also received Best Documentary Award - Golden Palm, from the Saudi Film Competition for (Cinema 500 Km). He is the recipient of the Special Jury Award for Excellence in Short Filmmaking in 2007 in Abu Dhabi for (Etar), and Silver Palm from Saudi Film Competition 2008, for his short film (Rain). He was also awarded with the INTERNATIONAL YOUNG SCREEN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2009, from The British Council Competition for being the best entrepreneur in Visual Arts in Saudi Arabia.  
Abdullah has taken part in numerous seminars and sessions, specialized in media and film direction, either as an instructor or as a participant, in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, UK, Algeria, Qatar, and Jordan.

Name: Hasan Hadi Al Dughrairi
He is interested in the videography techniques and tools of film production and instruction. He has produced several short and medium films, dramas, documentaries, and awareness programs that have been widely shown on television, YouTube, and Vimeo. He has taken part in script writing, photography, film production, direction, ad films, and series for many local and international authorities. He has taken part in a number of national and international festivals as a jury member, director and organizer, some of the festivals being, Gulf Film Festival in UAE, Jazeera in Qatar, The Naser Bin Hamad Award, and Manarat Al Aata in Bahrain. He is currently working on a number of private film production projects, film series, documentaries, and advertisements for national and Gulf viewers