Colors of Saudi 2014 For GCC Citizens and Expats

Photography is the most effective means to project and develop tourism and document culture and heritage. Colors of Saudi Forum is organized for the third year as an annual forum that includes a national exhibition of photography, a short film contest, Saudi Colors Photography Contest, Mobile Photography, an awards ceremony, workshops and training courses.

This Forum is aimed at achieving SCTA’s role in increasing interest in the development of local tourism and cultural dimension of the Kingdom and also, to encourage professional photographers and creative artists to highlight Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage, tourism experiences, nature, and Saudi faces.



General tips:
1- Photographers this year are advised against using photos previously entered in the past sessions of the Colors of Saudi contests.
2- Participate using photos of sites rarely photographed before.
3- The creative idea of the submitted photograph should not have been conceived by any other professional differently in the past.
4- Avoid extreme alteration and processing of photos. Photos should be as close to the original as possible.
5- We are looking for photos that will highlight Saudi Arabia’s rich tourism components.
6- Try and capture photos intelligently and with a creative perception avoiding any sites pertaining to visual distortion such as deteriorating, dilapidated or crumbling buildings.
Eligibility Rules
First: Terms and Conditions:
  1. The contest, in all its four themes, is open for all citizens, residents and citizens of the Gulf States, whether they are professional or amateur, provided the entered photographs are taken in Saudi Arabia and reflect Saudi tourism.
  2. Photos entered must be taken by the participant himself, and never been entered in the Saudi Colors Photography Contest before.
  3. 3. The photo must be taken using a professional or semi-professional camera.
  4. A maximum of two photos can be entered in each category of the competition.
  5. The photo must have a clear expressive title/caption (typed in the “Title” field when entering the photo into the tourism films and photos library on the website.
  6. Photographer is to enter a brief description of the photo stating its theme, place where it was taken and the year in the “Description” field when submitting it on the website.
  7. The contestant is eligible to submit the photos taken using digital photography. Only colored photos are accepted, monochrome or panoramic images will be disqualified.
  8. Photos submitted should be entered in digital file format with (.jpg) extension and the dimension of the longest side should not be less than 3000 pixels.
  9. Lighting, color, and sharpness of the photo can be modified it provided that it does not affect the originality of the photo.
  10. Additions and merger is not allowed, and photographs with an added window showing signature, date or name of the photographer or any other added element will rejected.
  11. The photographer retains the property right of the submitted photo and he/she remains the owner of the image, considering the following:
    First: The Participating photos: the Colors of Saudi Arabia Forum Management reserves the right to use the submitted photos (whether it’s a winner or not in the contest) in the Forum’s exhibition, competition booklet, or in any other media or material associated with the Forum and the contest or for their promotion.
    Second: The winning photos: SCTA reserves the right to use the winning photos in different means used including exhibitions, advertisements, brochures, publications and other electronic means. SCTA can also authorize a third party to reproduce and publish the photos in any commercial and noncommercial, local and international media for the purpose of promoting Saudi tourism and the Forum.
  12. Contest management will publish a brochure about the contest featuring the winning photos and a number of other participating photos chosen by the competition jury. The brochure will be distributed free of charge to the winners and the owners of photos published in the booklet as well as a number of forum guests. Copies of the booklet will be available for purchase by the forum visitors. (Photographers – other than winners - who do not want their pictures to be published in the brochure to inform the organizing committee while subscribing their work).
  13. Contest management reserves the right to reject any submitted photo that does not comply with the specifications, objectives, topics, or conditions of the contest without giving any reasons.
  14. The participant in no way, under any circumstance, can withdraw a photo from the competition after being submitted for the contest.
  15. Members of the organizing committees, the competition jury, SCTA staff, officials working in the organization of the competition or Saudi Color Forum may not participate in the contest.
  16. Conditions of participation in the contest are final. Entry into competition signifies acceptance of all terms and conditions stated above. Entries that fail to meet the previously stated terms and conditions will be disregarded.
  17. Participants to submit their photos exclusively through the Saudi Tourism images and movies site: ( ). Photos submitted using any other means will be rejected.
  18. Photos must have been taken on or after 1/1/2012.
  19. Saudi time (3 + GMT) is the approved reference for all announced dates and timings in the contest.

    The original file of the image is the ownership document of the image that may be required to be submitted to the contest management, so the original file of the image as it came out of the camera must be retained without any modification, and the participant should abide by to send the original file of the participating photo within 48 hours when requested

Second: Participants Pledge:

Once a participant enters into the contest, he/she shall have pledged the following:

  1. He/she is the sole owner of all rights related to the submitted photo (including all the elements in the photo and creative ideas related to it), and that no third party has the right of any kind on the submitted photo. The participant assumes full responsibility, whether legal or criminal related to participation.
  2. No action, under any circumstance, will be taken with regards to the photo, if the full rights of it are sold, or ceded ownership to any persons or entities, or make any violations of the terms of this contest, or hold administration or SCTA liable of any sort or prevent freely use of the picture and its related rights.
  3. Participant must have obtained all the necessary approvals from the persons and property in the photos submitted for the competition for their publications, exhibitions, or advertisements as per the conditions mentioned above.
  4. Applicant shall comply to the rules of religious, ethical and legal norms in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia