About the forum


Identifying cultural dimensions of Saudi Arabia and what is intrinsic to the Kingdom in the form of its cultural heritage and natural ingredients is prime objective of Saudi Colors Forum.  This type of forum is first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East.
It will feature a huge photography and short films exhibition related to tourism, an honoring ceremony, training workshops and specialized lectures on the art of photography, in addition tourism trips that are organized for the photographers and visitors.
Forum’s photography exhibition will be held under the patronage of Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA).  There will be pavilions for various government agencies, companies, individuals and associations related to photography and filmmaking technology and other activities.

Forum aims to support the creative talents and enhance the role of photography and filmmaking in highlighting tourism potentials of the Kingdom. It is a sincere attempt to raise the awareness of tourism and heritage and the importance of documenting them through the art of photography, in order to foster a sense of national belonging.  

The form is aimed to provide a professional base for photography and films about tourism and its components in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Expected participation:

  • Professionals and amateur photographers in the Kingdom and the GCC States, including their citizens and residents, with an enhanced presence of Saudi youth.
  • Members of the independent photography clubs and groups in the Kingdom.
  • Members of the branches of culture and arts associations and photography associations.
  • Members of Media and Public Relations, marketing and advertising, designers, directors, technicians, and specialists in the field of art and multimedia.
  • Experts in the fields of tourism, archeology, culture, media publishing and documentation.
  • Persons from different media, especially social media and social networking sites and the specialized Internet sites.
  • Publishing, designing and printing companies and libraries.
  • Companies, Interested in marketing, e-publishing and photography.

Saudi colors Forum III, 2014:
Venue: Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center – RICEC.
Date: 14 to 20 December 2014.
SCTA anticipates an increased number of visitors to the forum this year. With this view, the floor-space of the exhibition has been increased correspondingly. 


One million Saudi riyals is the total value of prizes for photography competition in the Saudi colors Forum III

  1. Photography Competition: 
    A group of images that photographers have used all their energy, excellence and expertise in the field of photography will compete according to the following four themes:
    ​1- Cultural heritage of the Kingdom.
    2- Tourism experience. 
    3- Saudi Faces.
    4- Nature in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Short Films Competition:​
    Emphasizing the importance of short films producers in transferring tourism potentials of Kingdom into images, and the great success of last year, the short film competition this year has been developed and the value of the award has also been raised. 

Scientific program:
Leading international experts in the field of tourism and photography and filmmaking are attracted to organize workshops and training sessions, panel discussions and lectures about tourism and archaeological sites imaging.  This is expected to provide an opportunity for the industry people, businessmen and government officials, as well as local and international experts and media to participate actively.

New to the Saudi Colors Forum III
"Saudi Arabia through global eyes" 
This year's Forum is giving an opportunity to the GCC citizens and international residents to participate in the creation of a creative tourism library in the Kingdom through their observations that are documented in photos.

"Smartphones Photography Contest" 
Development of imaging technology in mobile phones has made photography hobbyists and professional photographers to resort to this technology. In order to keep up with this trend, Saudi Colors Forum III this year will include a third category about ‘smartphones photography’, which will facilitate and increase the opportunities for people to participate in the forum and diversify its content.

Interactive Contests: 
Interactive sections have succeeded in attracting the public attention in the previous two sessions. So, the organizers have decided to strengthen this year, with the addition of material and moral values through a series of interesting and useful contests related to identification of Kingdom and its regions’ tourism, cultural heritage and progress.