2 Years of Success
Saudi Colors Forum is one of the most important strategic tourism projects.  It is characterized by a multiplicity of activities addressed to all social groups, from the public to business to various government and private sectors.

Two sessions of this event have been carried out through 2012 and 2013 attaining great success through the continued development of the forum and the increase of participants, target groups and the number of visitors.​

Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities
The Forum is the most important annual event for the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia sponsored by the Saudi Commission for tourism and Antiquities (SCTA).

It provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet and communicate with all partners from the private and public sectors, and focuses on issues that affect the tourism industry.  These issues varying between definition of investment opportunities in tourism facilities and services, as well as establishments of exhibitions that will keep pace with developments in the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia

Educational workshops
Forum includes a broad scientific program focused on the opportunity to attend lectures and scientific sessions and workshops to discuss topics of interest to the tourism industry in the Kingdom by local and international experts and specialists.

The forum includes an extensive scientific program.  It gives the opportunity to attend lectures, scientific sessions and workshops to discuss topics of concern to the tourism industry in the Kingdom by local and international experts and specialists.

Conference sessions
Participate and discuss the most important issues of tourism and meet with decision makers and interested parties from government and private agencies, businessmen, government officials and local and international experts and the media.

Prince Sultan Photography Award 2014
Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award aims to recognize and honor and improve the efforts and achievements of the individuals and entities that contribute to the work within the tourism industry and to the development of tourism competitiveness and professionalism in the Kingdom.

Media Coverage
Thanks to the strong relationships established with the multiple media in the Kingdom and the region’s newspapers and specialized magazines, which campaigns for the organizers through a mix of media, and direct advertising to allow marketing of the event widely in and outside the Kingdom.  The marketing team has implemented plans to attract experts and dignitaries and groups concerned to participate in the Forum

The jury of Saudi colors contests for photography - 2014​
SCTA is keen to choose carefully and logically group of arbitrators, who are professional academicians and international experts to make the forum’s awards parallel with the expectations and objectives set for it. 

For this purpose the forum has selected a group of arbitrators including professionals in the field of photography in addition to specialists from the public and private sectors from various countries around the world such as China, the United States, and Europe as well as arbitrators from the GCC States and the Arab world.  The short films competition arbitration will be assigned to the local arbitrators.

Through the forum’s site you can learn about the arbitration mechanism in place to assess the entries, as well as details of the judging criteria.